Puppy Pet Pee Training Pads - ezcute
Puppy Pet Pee Training Pads - ezcute
Puppy Pet Pee Training Pads - ezcute
Puppy Pet Pee Training Pads - ezcute
Puppy Pet Pee Training Pads - ezcute
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Puppy Pet Pee Training Pads

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  • Features Our puppy, pet housebreaking pads are medical / human grade underpads, and are great for puppies or dogs experiencing incontinence.
  • Unlike soggy newspapers that get ripped apart and leave ink stains, our pads absorb messes and are durable. Puppy, pet pads are used as a training aid for puppies or older dogs! A great product if you live in an apartment or condo. A great option when it is raining, keeps you and your dog dry inside.

Size Specificion
S(100PCS) 13.0"*17.7"
M(50PCS) 17.7"*23.6"
L(40PCS) 23.6"*23.6"
XL(20PCS) 23.6"*35.4"

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